12 Effective Ways to Improve a Website Quickly

Every business owner you talk to says that you need a website. So you set one up, but you still aren’t getting results.

Unfortunately, starting a website is only the beginning. You also need to improve a website consistently so that you can tailor it to your target customers to make more sales.

Keep reading for some simple website improvements you can make.

  • Start With an Interesting Heading

One way you can improve a website is with an interesting heading to use on your homepage. Your heading can be your website name, your tagline, or something else about what you do.

Make the heading stand out with a large, readable font and a contrasting color. That way, people can’t help but notice it.

  • Make Your Branding Consistent

Use the same couple of fonts and colors across your entire website. If your homepage has one theme and your about page has another, it will be hard for visitors to learn about you.

Instead, keep your branding consistent throughout your site. Branding your site can help people recognize you, and you can change your colors to match your site settings.

  • Maintain White Space

Next, you should make sure to leave plenty of space without text on your site. If you fill your pages with text, it can be overwhelming and hard to read.

Adding a bit of space between headers and paragraphs will make your site more user-friendly and fun to read. Then, you can use that space to keep people on your site and turn them into customers.

  • Use Bullet Points

Next, you should use bullet points to further help your content stand out. Bullet points are easier to read than full paragraphs, and you can use them for a few things.

  • Summarize important points
  • List your products and services
  • Share more info

Bullet points are another way to improve a website, and you can implement them in a few minutes!

  • Make Hyperlinks Stand Out

Hyperlinks are another great tool to make it easier for people to browse your website. Whenever you add a hyperlink to another page, make it stand out with an underline or a different color.

That way, people can easily see it’s a link when they read your site. You can use your main brand colors to further implement the point about keeping the visuals consistent.

  • Add Images

One of the best ways to improve a website is to add images. Companies like Decibel show that images are a great way to attract attention to your site.

You can add images of yourself and your team if you have employees.

If you provide services, include images of you working with clients or on projects. And of course, include images of any products that you sell to encourage people to buy.

  • Don’t Forget About Mobile

When you first design your site and make any changes later, you should consider the mobile version. Responsive web design makes it easy to use a site on a smartphone or tablet.

And since many people use their phones to browse the web, you want your site to be accessible. Take a second or two to ensure that your mobile version looks good and is usable.

You can usually edit the mobile version in your site settings. If not, you can contact your hosting company for instructions for your specific site.

  • Increase Page Speed

Another one of the best ways to improve a website is to make it load faster. If you have to wait for too long for a site to load, you probably leave, right?

Well, that can happen if your site doesn’t load fast enough. Luckily, you can compress images and other media files, and you can get rid of elements on your site that you don’t use.

If your site still doesn’t load fast, you can upgrade to a faster hosting plan or choose a faster-hosting company.

  • Add Redirects

If you have a bit more time to improve a website, add redirects. While having too many can slow down the site, you should redirect pages that no longer exist.

That way, if someone clicks on an old link, it can take them to a working web page. Without a redirect link, visitors will get an error page, and that could keep them from browsing other parts of your website.

  • Include Testimonials

If you want to grow a website, add testimonials from former clients and customers. Of course, the testimonials should show how you helped the client or customer.

Put a testimonial or two on your homepage and on your services or products page. That way, potential clients can see the work you’ve done and may be more interested in buying from you.

  • Link to Your Social Media

If you’re looking for a quick option for how to improve a website, add links to your social media profiles. While you don’t want to send customers away from your site, your social media is important.

You can use social media to market your business, meet potential customers, and even provide customer service. Make sure that you have active social accounts, and include links to them in your website footer or within the main part of your site.

  • Use a Call to Action

Hopefully, you’ve taken a few website tips to make your site even better. But you may still have visitors who need some help deciding what to do on your site.

This is where a call to action (CTA) comes in. A CTA is where you tell your visitors what they should do next, such as visit your about page or fill out a contact form.

Consider your business goals and what your ideal customer would do. Then, use a button or some large text to make that CTA easy to read and follow through on.

Improve a Website Easily

If you want to grow your website or business, you need to make your website work well. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours a day managing your site.

You can make a few changes here and there to improve a website and increase sales or conversions. Then, you can increase your revenue and grow your business.

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