5 Employee Recruiting Tips You Need to Know

The average time it takes to fill a position is 36 days with an average of $4,425 in costs per hire. One top of the time and expenses, finding qualified candidates can be difficult with 90% of business owners saying they find very few or sometimes no qualified candidates.

Improving your employee recruiting process can help you shorten your time to fill a position and increase the number of qualified applicants.

Check out these five employee recruitment tips to improve your success.

  • Make Your Company Appealing

Focusing on your branding and making your company a great place to work can help with recruitment. The most qualified candidates have lots of options for employment, so standing out as an employee-focused company can give you the advantage. On top of high pay and benefits, offering perks and incentives like an online company swag store can help attract candidates.

  • Improve Your Job Descriptions

Are your job descriptions boring, outdated, or lacking details? Sprucing up your job descriptions with interesting verbiage and specific, accurate information can help attract the right type of candidate.

A unique, captivating title and description makes your company seem more appealing than companies that use a boring, formulaic description. It’s your chance to convey your company’s core values and unique offerings. Being specific can also help weed out people who aren’t a good fit.

  • Diversify Job Candidate Sources

If you rely on a single way to find new candidates, it’s time to cast a wider net. Look for new options to spread the word about your openings.

Promote your positions on your social media accounts. Your followers are already interested in your company in some way, which could make them a good fit.

Create or expand your employee referral program. Your current employees know what you expect and what type of candidate will succeed. Offering a monetary incentive keeps your current employees happy and saves you on recruitment costs by getting a supply of potential hires without much effort.

  • Automate the Process

Sorting through large numbers of resumes is time consuming, and you might unknowingly introduce bias into the process. AI tools for recruiting screen candidates without bias and help you find the most qualified candidates quickly.

You can also use a candidate rediscovery tool to look back at past applicants. You might find a qualified candidate in that pool who wasn’t a good fit at the time but is perfect for your company now.

  • Look at the Total Candidate

You have minimum requirements for a reason, but having some flexibility in those requirements can help you discover a candidate that you might otherwise dismiss. While many positions require specific degrees or certifications, others have skills that can be acquired through experience. Look at the real-world experience a candidate has before dismissing them for not having a specific degree.

It’s also important to remember that many skills can be taught after hiring. A candidate might not have experience using the specific software you use, but if they have other relevant experience and the work ethic and other personal traits that fit well with your company, they might be the best option. Capable employees can pick up those technical skills quickly, but you can’t teach someone how to be a good team member or to be an honest, ethical person.

Improve Your Employee Recruiting

Making changes to your employee recruiting program can help you streamline the process. A faster, more efficient process helps you fill positions quickly and find candidates who are qualified for the job.

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