5 Habits of the Ultra Wealthy That Have Nothing To Do With Money

Building the kind of wealth that earns you ‘millionaire’ status doesn’t necessarily equate with just making sound investment strategies or working extra long hours to make more money. The one percent wealthy people possess the kind of traits that set them apart from average earners, and it has little to do with money.

In fact, the most common things many millionaires have in common are simple daily rituals which can lead to improved productivity, knowledge and consequently – wealth.

Here they are:

#1  They start their day early:

By starting the day early, you are better prepared with direction and intention.  C-level executives are early risers, oftentimes starting off each day with a fitness regime, moving on to check the markets and then maybe reading up on world issues. 

Investor Murray Newlands, a startup advisor, investor and entrepreneur, writes, “Take 100 millionaires from across the world and I’ll bet you not one of them sleeps in. The majority of these individuals are up at six or seven a.m., slaving away while the rest of us are still eating pancakes.”

#2: They surround themselves with others who share their goals:

Financially successful people never follow the advice of someone who isn’t qualified and/or doesn’t represent their best interests. Instead, they seek out expert help from people who will guide them in the right direction.

According to JP Maroney CEO of Harbor City Capital, a multinational enterprise that helps clients grow their wealth, says: if you surround yourself with individuals who are willing to take shots in the dark instead of seeking expert help, you are much more likely to follow the crowd and chase the latest “hot” funds instead of playing a long game designed for YOUR goals.  Harbor City Capital reviews ways to build, buy, and monetize digital media assets. 

#3 They have positive attitudes:

Your attitude can literally shape the outcome of your entire day. Having a positive attitude is important for many reasons, and being confident is one of them. Wealthy people tend to start each day ready to face challenges and daily struggles, but they also keep their focus on solutions, not problems.  They run from or avoid obstacles. Remember, optimism is the main staple of a positive personal attitude.

#4  They prioritize tasks: 

Prioritizing daily activities is critical to your own individual success and is something that financially successful people also tend to do. If you want to make prioritization work for you then choose one thing that you want to do more of.  Block out time each day or each week to work on it. Treat the appointment like any other and commit to showing up.

#5 They never stop learning:

The last thing, and perhaps the most important thing that the wealthy do everyday is they never stop learning. Whether it’s watching TED Talks on YouTube or furthering their education, wealthy folks tend to absorb more knowledge. If this habit correlates with you, try downloading a self-improvement podcast and listen to it on your way to work.  Never stop learning and you may find yourself on the path to success.

There is no better way to maximize your productivity and begin to live like the ultra wealthy than to follow these strategies with commitment and consistency.