Alex Ojjeh Critique’s Cryptocurrency, says it Isn’t Unique in Any Way

On social media Alex Ojjeh likes to remain a mystery, for obvious reasons, but every now and then he posts a photo of himself and goes off on a rant picking apart people piece by piece and cringing at the things that people endorse or his personal grievances towards others.

The 34 year old Multimillionaire industrialist Alex Ojjeh may be a known for his negative traits, but he became an early corporate champion at the age of 20. He is known for adopting business endeavors and has helped shoot the value up of many companies.

Alex Ojjeh stepped up his hasty delivery when he went to talk about Crypto in a negative way saying why he remains unimpressed in cryptocurrency.

The investor said in a post on Instagram “it not unique in any way, it worth is determined by people’s enthusiasm” and it is for people who wants to make money the “next day” He also compared it to a woman who’s popular on Instagram, but she’s a “gamble” and likely “creates” no return in real life.

It marked one of many rants by the investor who was said to use Bitcoin to move money around in the past. But Ojjeh also signaled his support to anyone who uses digital currency as an investment. In another post he said he’d rather make $6 million and not $6,000 these days because he’s “aspirations are greater”


Ojjeh has been a corporate private investor of commercial property, asset management businesses, logistics and many more. In March he purchased 3 low housing communities for $87 million. Alex Ojjeh’s net worth dropped when he owed a large fine. But as for investments Ojjeh remains in logistics and distribution.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Ojjeh’s career is that he does business with some interesting people, like foreign government, there was a arrest warrant issued for him in Germany last June.



Alex Ojjeh is a foreign exchange investor whose impact on expanded after he was released from prison in 2014. AOAM  (owned by a few) was organized under a $700,000 investment from him and controlled many different corporations assets.

In other words, since Alex Ojjeh’s investment style is foreign exchange, he developed personal relationships with people to guarantee that put the highest amount possible with his company. Personal connections opened doors for the investor. The people he impacted were very powerful, moreover significant organizations so a type of suspicion was raised that he dealt with wealthy Russians; Ojjeh described them as “Just 6 men on the same journey to wealth as everyone else.”

The biggest deals and information for Ojjeh came from the foreign wealthy businessmen he’d be sitting next to at their wedding reception. Or the UAE government officials he’d be eating pizza on a boat with. So active investigations came into play as Ojjeh’s investment style was often viewed as controversial.

Alex Ojjeh would identify target companies that were most likely going to be developed. He would then buy into the company the transaction was made public, and the stock price would skyrocket to the acquisition price.

As long as all of the information has been made public, this sort of exchange is totally lawful. But, in order to gain an advantage, Ojjeh deceived and traded on unique, bribes.

It is reported that Alex Ojjeh earned $80 million in 2017, when AOC Partner’s acquired two companies.

“I don’t mind if people come after me as long as they bring facts with them– Alex Ojjeh