Citlalli Boyer


The Indispensable Role of Cybersecurity In the Business World

Businesses today are stepping into a territory full of unlimited opportunities and lurking dangers. In such terrain, the digital journey is full of challenges that test one's resiliency and integrity, much like the corporate fortress. With this perspective, there is...


Momentum Indicator Strategy

  In the financial market, momentum refers to the tendency of prices to keep moving in the same direction. This means that rising prices of assets will increase further while falling prices of assets will keep falling.  What is Momentum...


Businesses you can commence in Singapore

The pandemic was no doubt a leading multinational problem. Aside from vastly impacting health, it moreover lays several people at the hazard of forfeiting their employment and businesses. Amidst a floundering financial environment, many businesses were among the greatly affected...


How cryptocurrency lending works

The fact that the traditional system of finance has undergone a major change became known almost immediately after bitcoin and blockchain made their presence known. The technology instantly attracted widespread attention. Initially, supporters of the cryptocurrency were convinced that bitcoin...

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