Characteristics of A Good Freight Forwarder

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In the current international market, shipping is the engine that drives global supply chains. For this reason, this vital process is one that requires the utmost attention and care when tackling it. In most instances, when handling international orders, suppliers have to seek the services of a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is in charge of organizing the transportation of the goods intended for shipping. They arrange for all the courier services that’ll handle your merchandise and help ensure that all details are taken care of. This makes freight forwarders a vital element in all international shipping activities. Given that more and more people are utilizing shipping services, there has also been a considerable rise in freight forwarders in the market. 

Even so, the availability of such a wide range of choices isn’t always the best thing. Having too many choices can make the decision of who to trust with your merchandise a lot harder. Since the freight forwarder you choose plays a pivotal role in the safety and well-being of your package, you can’t risk settling for just anyone on the rack. You need to partner with a professional who shares the same goals and vision as you when it comes to freight safety. 

In addition, since shipping can be a very expensive undertaking, you need to hire an exceptional freight forwarder who’ll aid you in optimizing the final cost. Still, knowing the total cost of shipping your merchandise beforehand is quite beneficial as well as it will help you budget for the entire process. At Topshipping, you can be sure to get an accurate quotation for shipping your goods as well as other freight services. 

Picking the right freight forwarder is extremely vital for the success of your business; however, choosing the perfect professionals to handle your shipment isn’t as simple as it seems. To help make this decision a lot easier, here are some of the characteristics of top freight forwarders to look out for during your search. 

A High Level of Experience

For the most part, the freight forwarding industry is largely unregulated; this means that anyone with the right tools can declare themselves a freight forwarder. Therefore, finding out the level of experience of a particular freight forwarder is very important. Choosing a professional with years of experience under his or her belt can be of a tremendous advantage since you’ll be dealing with an expert who knows the ins and outs of the shipping industry. These professionals also possess the skills and know-how required to successfully facilitate the transportation of your cargo to every corner of the globe. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your goods are in safe hands. 

In addition, it’s also quite important to pick out the professional with years of experience in the relevant field. For instance, when you’re required to ship certain goods via air transportation, hiring the services of a freight forwarder who has vast experience in ocean shipping won’t be of great benefit. This is also prevalent in cases where the commodities being transported require specialized handling. 

Exceptional Organization

Shipping is a very intricate process and can become extremely tedious. This is why the freight forwarders you choose should have high levels of the organization when it comes to handling operations and shipping documentation. Having a well-organized professional by your side when handling shipping operations will eliminate avoidable inconveniences such as delays and wrong deliveries which can be both time consuming and costly. Finding an expert who is organized enough to ensure all protocols are followed will enable you to have a smooth and streamlined shipping experience. 

An Extensive Network

For freight forwarders, having an extensive network will enable them to provide seamless logistics to their clients. With a robust network of carriers and agents, freight forwarders are able to provide the best possible services to suit your shipment. Without a strong enough network, there can be tons of inconveniences throughout the entire shipping process. The best freight forwarders must have the right system, technology, and people in place to facilitate the smooth running of operations. Therefore, it’s important for business owners to check the network of the prospective freight forwarders in the countries they intend to import and export to. 

Excellent Customer Service

Great customer care is the foundation for the success of any business and it’s no different when it comes to freight forwarding. The best freight forwarders should be able to understand the needs of their customers, handle mishaps as they arise, and be dynamic enough to accommodate new requirements. In case anything was to go wrong anywhere along the shipping process, your freight forwarder should have a dedicated team ready to help you out at any given time. Moreover, ensure to look for professionals who provide supplementary services such as shipment tracking which can make the process more pleasant. Thus, a simple rule of thumb to keep in mind when picking a freight forwarding company is to always go for the one that values customer service and experience above everything else. 


When it comes to affordability, anyone looking for freight forwarding services should ensure to strike a balance between the price and the services offered. More often than not, the cheapest option is never the most affordable option in the shipping realm. Most companies that offer very low rates usually have tons of hidden fees which will eventually cost you a lot more than you previously anticipated. Therefore, whenever you’re looking for a freight forwarding service, ensure to check whether the price that has been listed resembles the services being offered by the company. 

Final Thoughts

Freight forwarding is the heart and soul of the shipping industry. This is because freight forwarders are in charge of supervising the entire shipping process and ensuring that everything goes according to plan. On that account, picking the right freight forwarder for your shipping needs is extremely important. Although the points outlined above only scratch the surface when it comes to excellent freight forwarding, it contains the characteristics that differentiate the experts from the amateurs.