Doing Business in Indonesia: What does an Incorporation Service Provider Do?

Opening a new business could be tedious, especially when you don’t have much background in the field. You can ask for advice from friends, neighbours, and family but you can’t be 100% sure that they are valid. However, you don’t need to worry. There are service providers nowadays that can give you the important advice that you need. How to register a company in Indonesia is the first thing to ask if you want to start your business now.

What does exactly Incorporation Company Indonesia provide? Well, they do the following:

Incorporation Company Indonesia Can Do the Following for You:

  • Assist in Creating a Name for your Business. There are times when we have difficulties finding a name for our business. The incorporating company can help in the brainstorming process. Their idea plus yours, when combined, will create great dynamics.
  • Develop your Business Plan. Being organised in business is an asset. However, it’s gonna take some time and trial and error before you develop these skills. Subscribing to an incorporation company can help you create your Business Plan, which will be your blueprint in operating your business. It states the objectives you want your company to achieve in a year or at a specified time and what are the exact processes and materials you will employ in order for your objectives to be realised.
  • Get a Tax Identification Number (TIN). Since you must pay your tax, getting a TIN number is a must as it will not only facilitate faster payment but also a proper identification for your business. In fact, in a database for tax payment, the TIN is the first information you need to encode on a computer to process other related information.
  • Set up a Bank Account. Are you too busy and can’t go to the bank to open an account? Not a problem. When you’re subscribed to an Incorporation Company, they can be the one to do that on your behalf.
  • Buy or lease a location for your business. Finding a place where you’re going to house your business is difficult sometimes. However, if you’ve subscribed to an Incorporation Company, it will be easier as for sure they have a lot of contacts, especially when they’ve been in business for quite some time.
  • Get Licenses and Permits. Going from one place to another and bringing different papers just to secure those licenses and permits could be confusing when you’re new to the business. Your burden will lessen if you have a subscription to an Incorporation Company.
  • Scout for Employees. Hiring employees before your business starts is one of your responsibilities. With the help coming from an Incorporation Company, they can be the one to facilitate that process.
  • Set up your Account System. The accounting system is one of those tasks you need to provide for your company. With the technical assistance coming from an Incorporation Company, they can be the one to facilitate that process.
  • Subscribe your company for insurance. Subscribing to insurance providers is of those things you need to do for your company. You don’t know when a calamity will happen. It’s better to be prepared. The Incorporation company can assist you as well on this matter.

Do you need an Incorporation Company in Indonesia?

If you need further advice as to what an Incorporation Company Indonesia offers, you can contact 3E Accounting. They are among those known companies that have expertise on how to register a company in Indonesia.