Green Capitalz review

Forex trading is the gem of all trading because it is robust, non-complicated, highly accessible, and, above all, capable of returning fair profits. A trader does not need to undertake laborious and rigorous process for being able to effectively execute a forex trade transaction. Instead, if the trader has a very less amount of forex understanding but his broker is exceptional, then every trade deal can be made profitable. 

An online broker named, Green Capitalz, is the type of broker which can guide you in the execution of forex trading safely and in the most effective manner.

Why Forex Trading With The Broker

In the global financial markets, particular of trade, forex trading enjoys the reputation of being the biggest trading class. Forex trading comprises of worldly currencies as well as digital currencies which are exchanged in pairs. A currency pair has two different currencies such as USD/GBP. In the pair USD is on the left side while GBP is on the right which means that USD is the base currency while GBP is the exchangeable currency.

Although in a forex market, usually every currency of the world is exchanged in pairs yet there are few currency pairs which hold aspects of enormous profits. Some of these profitable pairs of currencies can be traded with the broker such as USD/EUR, USD/GBP, USD/JPY and many more. 

However, the broker’s trading services with regard to forex trading are impeccable yet, the broker doesn’t stick to one type of trading only. It even has to offer a number of additional trading instruments including indexes, futures, commodities, crypto, bonds, shares etc. This is a great advantage because when the trader sees an opportunity of fruitful investment in other assets, he can easily open position in that instrument. There is no restriction upon a trader as if he was required to do only forex trading. It is this freedom offered by the broker which has actually attracted majority of new entrant traders at the broker’s platform. 

Pre-Conditions for Trading

Although direct trade by a trader himself is possible yet having the broker on your side is a perfect combination. It is even more fruitful when traders come to know that the broker charges no commission at all nor does it ask to pay extra sums. Instead it is the funds belonging to the trader and the broker collectively which are put at stake by the trader. So for the purposes of trading forex or otherwise, the trader would need to first engage services of the broker. This is done in the following manner: –

Choosing An Account

If anyone to trade through a trader, then the person would require a trading account before anything else. The brokers hosts multiple account choices spreading over six in total. Although a trader is entitled to choose any of them, however, it would be wise decision to select only the most relevant and needed one. Professional level accounts can be considered at later stage when the trader feels he has obtained fair enough experience and knowledge.

Post-Account Set Up Conditions

The broker basically has two types of pre-conditions, the first one is account selection and the other one is post-account set up. Post-account set condition has a requirement of funding the trading account which is widely known as “initial deposit”. If you haven’t worked with any broker ever before then understand that the initial deposit is not something new. It is a universally recognized requirement which every broker asks its traders to fulfill. The purpose of the fulfillment of this condition is to enable the trader’s account for executing trades. 

Once the two conditions namely pre and post account set up conditions are fulfilled, the trader would then be included in the platform as a registered trader. Upon registration, all the features, facilities and services become available to the trader which were agreed to in between the trader and broker during account selection process.


So get yourself into an advantageous position and enjoy the perks of forex trading or be a trader of your preferred instruments with Green Capitalz.