How Easy It Is To Access Bitcoin Machines?

Bitcoins also have their ATMs and kiosks much similar to the standard ones we have and use. Where depositing cash into your account requires a debit card in the case of an ATM, there is no such need of a debit card in the case of Bitcoin machines. A government-issued ID will be sufficient enough to access the kiosk. 

So here is how you can access these machines.

How Do I Use the Machine?

Bitcoin machines offer the easiest and most secure ways to purchase bitcoins against cash. The screen itself is a step-by-step buying guide that can address any of your issues. When having approached the machine, directly click on the option stating “Buy Bitcoin”. You will then get an opportunity to read the terms and conditions and once read, you will then be directed to enter your registered phone number. This process is an important one ensuring your security and exclusively links your number to the purchase of bitcoin. With this step, it is now sure that nobody else will be having any access to your bitcoin.

After this, you are going to find the exchange rate for your purchase and then you can enter the dollar bills into the receiver on the kiosk. Once the bills get inserted, you can verify your amount and hit the button to finalize your purchase. After the transaction getting over, the kiosk will be printing you the receipt that bears details of your purchase, and that too contains the redemption code that is necessary to keep safe. This code and the phone number will allow you to deposit the bitcoins into your digital wallet.

What Is Next?

You will next find a way to creating your wallet account that requires your personal information and phone number to verify the ID. Your ID will bear the personal details and there will be a guide provided to you. The process being very simple won’t take much longer and you will be able to view your bitcoin balance in the wallet. If the account is already present, simply login to your account and click on “Redeem”. Upon entering the phone number, a redemption code will be available to you at the kiosk, and checking your wallet after the transaction will reveal your actual balance.

Equibytes Bitcoin machines have made customer safety their primary concern and hence, they offer an experience that includes smoothness, accessibility, and trust.