Importance of Precious Metals & Investing with Augusta

Both silver and gold are precious metals, which makes them highly valuable for a few millennia. Nowadays, you can find them in numerous investor portfolios that can help you achieve a perfect perspective and protection. However, the question is which one is the best for your requirements, especially because some of them can be highly volatile.

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We can differentiate various methods for buying precious metals such as platinum, silver, or gold. So, if it is your first time thinking about it, we recommend you learn more before you start with the process.


We must start with the most valuable option that will provide you peace of mind: gold. It comes with specific durability, the ability to conduct electricity and heat, and malleability, among other things. It is used in various industries, including electronics and dentistry. However, the primary source of demand for it comes in the form of either currency or jewelry.

You should know that a value is continually changing due to numerous factors. The trades’ function is based on trust and sentiment, which means that it doesn’t depend on supply and demand.

The supply is outweighed based on demands, which means that hoarders can buy it, which will lead to an increased price. On the other hand, if they decide to sell it, the price will drop, which is an essential tip to remember.

Things to Know About Gold Investments

  • Inflation Protection – You should know that real estate markets, bonds, and equity can fall due to high inflation. At the same time, it will maintain its value over time and even increase in economic turmoil.
  • Financial Issues – When money and banks are unstable due to numerous factors such as political and economic uncertainty, it is the best haven that will help you store overall value for years to come.
  • Political Crises and Wars – We have mentioned above that political issues, and wars can send people into hoarding mode when it comes to gold. The main reason for that is that your paper savings can fall in seconds and become worthless while owning the same value in precious metals will protect you in the future. Therefore, you can ensure to prevent your bankruptcy by having it within your portfolio.


Compared with gold, silver prices depend on numerous factors, including industrial purposes. That is why it is a more volatile commodity than other precious metals you can find on the market.

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Even though you can use it to maintain your wealth, especially if you do not have enough money to invest in gold, you should know that industrial supply and demand will influence silver’s value.

The typical industrial silver uses:

  • You should know that silver is one of the most critical materials used in the photography industry because it requires silver-based film. Of course, after digitalization, the need for it reduced, but you can still find old-school enthusiasts that enjoy using old ways.
  • The increase of the middle class in both West and East creating a significant demand for medical products, electrical appliances, and other items that require silver input. It is used for electrical connections and bearings due to its unique properties.
  • Superconductor applications, batteries, and microcurrents require silver to function.

The main idea is that these demands and developments have increased the need for silver. Therefore, if an economic crisis affects these industries, the price of gold will deplete, which you should remember.


Finally, one of the most popular precious metals apart from gold and silver is platinum. It comes with a high price tag than gold because it is a rare metal with low supply and high demand.

Compared with gold, less metal is produced annually, which is an essential factor to remember. Of course, we can differentiate other factors that can affect its value, including:

  • Similarly, silver is a standard option in different industries. For instance, it is indispensable for automotive catalysts, effectively reducing harmful and toxic emissions.
  • Jewelry is another important industry that requires this precious metal.
  • Besides, chemical refining catalyst and petroleum industries are using it apart from the computer industry.

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Platinum mines are available in two countries: Russia and South Africa. Therefore, it comes with the potential to increase value due to various actions based on countries artificially.

These factors are essential before deciding to invest in it because compared with other precious metals, platinum is the most volatile option.