Importing a car into Canada: Work with a customs broker!

If you want to import a car into Canada, there is a long process to follow. Besides keeping up with the customs requirements, it is absolutely critical to ensure that all duties, taxes and charges are paid. Additionally, the car must be inspected by provincial agents within 45 days of importing into Canada. GST must be paid, and depending on the car being imported, one may have to pay “green levy tax too. Unless you are a commercial importer, you may not know the requirements well, and it is wise to seek help from a customs broker. You can get assistance for Clearit ITN number, or for other things too. Here’s an overview for help!

“Do I really need a customs broker?”

That’s often the first question that people have in mind. There is no rule or law that mandates an importer to hire a customs broker for getting a car into Canada. However, working with a customs broker will ease the process for most importers. Many importers, even commercial companies, prefer to work with customs brokers for their business needs, primarily because it is often impossible to keep up with changing laws and requirements. Even when you are importing a vehicle into Canada for your own needs, a customs broker can help and reduce your hassles.

A customs broker can help in understating aspects like ‘country of origin’, paperwork involved, classification of tariff, and they can also guide on how to keep the costs in check, while ensuring compliance and paying necessary duties and taxes. Most customs brokers are also experienced with routings.

Finding the right customs broker

A reliable customs broker is your biggest asset for importing something as expensive as a far. They must be experienced, reputed, and should be open to answering questions, if required. Check what other clients have to say about a particular customs broker, if they can offer customs consulting, and are accessible. There’s no denying that hiring a customs broker does add to the cost of importing vehicles, but considering how they aid with the process, that price is worth paying. Don’t select a customs broker because it’s expensive or cheapest, but check what they can offer and how they can ease your paperwork and reduce costs.

Also, with a customs broker, you can avoid mistakes in tariff classification, calculation of duties and taxes, which can be expensive and cumbersome in other ways.