Invest successfully: Generate attractive returns with gold bars

The financial world is currently dominated by a prolonged phase of low interest rates and relatively high stock market volatility. The growing fear of a financial crash has led many investors to look again for conservative investment opportunities. Anyone who wants to successfully invest his money without taking large risks has so far always been able to rely on the precious metal gold.

The “gold value” advantage

Gold has an excellent reputation as a crisis currency – especially because of its protection against inflation. The population’s confidence in gold is unbroken, and for centuries, it has been used as a means of payment or even as an investment. In industry, gold is also considered an important raw material, used for example in microelectronics. With gold deposits likely to be depleted in the next two decades, it can be assumed that stocks can continue to increase in value.

Investing successfully in gold

Not all that glitters is gold – and this also applies to the various ways of investing your money. There is a large selection: from funds to collector’s coins to gold bars. Those who want to successfully invest should concentrate on high-yielding investments. These include gold bars that can be bought from a German supplier and then deposited in a gold account. If not delivered, the investor then receives a return of 4.8 percent per year. The latest developments show that the price of gold is continuing to rise, making gold a safe investment. According to the experts of the Hartmann and Benz GmbH, investments in gold bars are worthwhile themselves contrary to gold funds above all, since they contain a real equivalent value.

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Successful investment in gold

Serious capital investment: Successful investment with the support of experts

With easygold24, Hartmann and Benz GmbH offers investors a high-yield investment opportunity: You can buy gold bars and have them deposited in a gold account. For the trust placed in them, investors receive an annual return of 4.8 percent. The gold in the portfolio is LBMA-certified and exempt from VAT. LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association and is considered the tested standard for fine gold bars. In addition to a proper declaration of grams and fineness, the manufacturer must meet further requirements. The supplier must have been on the market for at least five years. At Hartmann and Benz GmbH, the employees even have an average experience of ten years. Investors also benefit from the fact that there is no minimum investment and that every acquisition up to a sum of 9,999 euros remains anonymous. It is thus possible with gold bars for smaller investors to invest successfully and earn a passive income.

Hartmann and Benz GmbH is an experienced partner in this field and can convince with its competence and reliability.

Buy gold bars and invest successfully: With Hartmann and Benz GmbH, this is no longer a problem. Because the experts based in Stuttgart offer investors an annual return of 4.8 percent in the event of non-delivery.