Investment Ideas for a Financially Stable Future

For a financially stable future, it’s always worth considering investing your money for additional financial security. We’ve pieced together some investment options, from gold and silver, to property and index funds, we have some fantastic information for you to help you along your investment journey. 

Index Funds

An index fund is a portfolio of stocks designed to mimic the composition and performance of a financial market index. They have lower expenses and fees whilst following a passive investment strategy. Their lower expenses ratio is the primary advantage of investing in an index fund. 

How does an index fund work?

Indexing is a passive fund management, rather than having a fund portfolio manager actively market timing and stock picking, the fund manager builds you a portfolio whose holdings replicate the financial securities of a particular index. For example, by mimicking a profile of an index performing well on the stock market, your index fund that closely matches that of the index profile on the stock market will perform just as well, for less expense. 

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver offer a hedge against inflation, therefore making a stable investment for financial security. You can rest easy at night knowing your investment isn’t going to lose money. Being a profitable commodity, even if your precious metal is considered low in price, you’ll never lose money. Before investing, ensure you research reputable bullion brokers, such as Sharps Pixley to guarantee a safe and trust-worthy investment. 

Precious metals add diversity to your portfolio, in fact, they go further than just gold and silver. You can look into platinum, palladium and a variety of other metal commodities. Additionally, your precious metal can surge in price in times of economic uncertainty, placing more security in your financial investment. 

Stocks and Shares 

Stocks and shares generally refer to the same thing, however, to invest in stocks and shares you need a brokerage account. Investing in stocks and shares is a gamble, you will always be taking a risk with your money here, but with the right research, help, and guidance you can really make some money. 

The stock market is quite simply somewhere investors meet to buy and sell shares. A share being a piece of a company on the stock exchange. Shares are available to buy to help a company become financially successful with the ability to grow within a market, and you, the investor, can be a part of that. Whilst its high risk, it can also pay well, so do your research and perhaps consider appointing a professional to trade on your behalf. 


Property investment is a popular source of investing your finances. If property prices increase which is extremely common, you will benefit from making more money than your initial investment. There are two ways you can choose to invest in a property:

  • Rental purposes: Purchasing a property to let out to a tenant to earn you a monthly income. 
  • Buy to sell: Purchasing a property to sell later at a higher price. 

As with most investments, property does come with its risks, for example, a potential crash in the housing market. If a large proportion of your funds is tied up in property at the time of a housing market crash, you may find you struggle. However, if you’re able to wait it through, the chances are your property will make money in the future once the economic climate changes.