Look for the best Business Creation Ideas

If you are creating a business, you certainly do not have premises to set up your business and very often, by choice or by necessity, we have to work from home. Because rents in large cities like Paris are very expensive, working from home allows you to make real savings and not waste your time in transport.

There are no shortage of examples of successful companies that were born in a garage (Apple) or in a university room (Facebook). Moreover, Clicboutic did not have premises before its third year of existence, which did not prevent us from having three-figure annual growth. Get the best suggestions from Bashar Ibrahim now.

Now it hasn’t been easy every day

It is sometimes complicated to separate private and professional life when each one lives together under the same roof. That is why I advise you to practice the following five methods in order to maintain good productivity.

Create The Same Routine As If You Were Going To The Office

The alarm clock ringing, the computer that we turn on, the emails that we check… Consciously or not, we quickly start our day in bed.

To stay motivated and clear-headed, get in the habit of dressing as if you were going to the office. Take a shower. Eat breakfast. Put on pants and a shirt. In short, create your own routine to easily slip into the state of mind necessary for concentration in your work.

Set Up A Real Office Corner

No matter the size of your apartment, you will have to define a well-defined workspace. Organize all the documents and tools you need to run your business and keep them in that precise place. This way, you won’t interrupt your work to search for a document.

If you have the possibility, move your office area away from family distractions (dining room, TV, etc.), even if it means installing storage furniture that acts as a room separation and establish rules for occupying the premises (for example, between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., you will be present in a specific room and your family will not be able to disturb you).


It doesn’t apply to everyone, but for many people, listening to music helps you stay focused.

My advice: don’t listen to song lyrics (unless it’s in a language you don’t understand). Otherwise, the speaking part of your brain will lose focus and your attention will begin to fragment. I like to listen to Jazz, but several members of our team like to listen to classical music or Gregorian chants (yes, yes ..) to concentrate on their task.

Impose Yourself A Quasi-Military Organization

Plan your tasks for the day ahead and prefer fixed working hours. If you can, prepare your lunch in advance. By having a precise schedule, and regular schedules, you will be more productive than 95% of the people who work at home.

Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Concentration and productivity are not synonymous with head in the handlebars. Take breaks throughout the day and completely disconnect on a regular basis. Take time to relax and spend time with loved ones to recharge your batteries and get back to work when it’s time.

You have to know how to cultivate your garden as Candide said. You will have more energy and motivation to devote to your tasks if you know how to take care of other aspects of your life.