Quick Loans – Features and Purposes

As their name suggests, quick loans are the fastest way through which a person can get money urgently. The process of acquiring a quick loan is pretty different from the traditional way of getting loans from a financial institution. You just have to make sure that you’re eligible and a lender will transfer the amount in your bank account without much paperwork involved. Quick loans are getting popular day by day as the process is quick and flexible to solve a person’s financial requirements.


Quick loans are the best when you need money urgently. There are different types of quick loans with different purposes, let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Personal Quick Loan

A quick personal loan is an unsecured type of loan and acquiring it requires minimal paperwork. Sometimes the process is so quick that you just have to invest an hour and you can even get the funds the same day you applied for the loan. Anyone can apply for this loan but the interest rate is decided by the bank or the lender.

  • Credit Card Loan

You can also avail of a pre-approved loan on your credit card. The loan gets approval on the basis of your credit card, so there’s no need to carry several documents. You get the approval within hours and there are options to work out the repayment tenure.

  • Quick No Credit Loan

This type of loan is beneficial for people with bad credit history. Getting approval is not that difficult and you get the loan amount within the same day. The only problem is high-interest rates and short repayment tenure.

Here are some features of quick loans:

  • You just have to register yourself with the lender while applying for a quick loan. There’s no need to give details of your income, credit report, personal details, and other details.
  • Due to minimal use of documents, the process is quick as the lender quickly verifies your details. The amount is disbursed without wasting any time of yours.
  • The traditional methods of acquiring loans take days to transfer the funds but applying for quick loans means you’ll get the amount as quickly as possible.
  • Some banks provide insurance schemes for the ones applying for quick loans. The schemes are available at nominal prices and the amount is deducted from the loan disbursal amount.

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