Reasons why you should work with an Independent Insurance Agency

You might have heard about the insurance agency at some part in your life. Alright, so what does that even mean?

To put it into very short and very simple words, an independent insurance agency is an organisation that acts as a connecting link between the insurance carriers and those who are looking to buy an insurance policy.

While this might sound similar to a captive agent, but believe me, it is not what you think. There is a huge difference between these two terms. The key distinguishing character is that the independent insurance agency offers its clients a wide range of options.

Whereas on the other hand, the captive agent has only one insurance provider to offer their clients.

Here, take a look at few reasons as to why you should and must consider the independent insurance agency.

  • Better customer service

This is arguably the most crucial advantage of having an independent insurance agency on your side. And we all know that nothing is better than good customer service.

According to researchers conducted in the last few years, a majority of the independent insurance agency is thought to have better customer service if compared to any other type of insurance provider.

Better service only means that you are going to reap the benefits in the end. Hence, it is often recommended by the experts to search for an independent insurance agency when it comes to insurance.

For instance, an agency or an agent can help you throughout the claiming process, better Responsiveness, better communication and understanding with the insurance carrier. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Multiple Insurance Carriers = More options

As I have already mentioned earlier, the independent insurance agent or agency has a tie-up with more than hundreds and thousands of insurance carriers across the country.

It only means that you are going to have better options over the insurance providers and nothing else.

In short, the insurance agencies work with a much larger proportion of the industry. So now, you can get insurance coverage from the best of best providers with regards to your own needs as well as requirements.

  • Saves money

These days, a lot of independent agents, as well as agencies, are offering quotes to their clients from more than one insurance company. Well, what does that mean?

Quote basically means one thing, extra benefit to the insurance buyer and big savings.

  • You’re the priority!

No doubts that an insurance agency gives the first and foremost priority to their customers themselves. How?

A majority of the agencies first give importance to the needs of their client. This lets them know what type of coverage you are exactly looking for and what are the criteria. And on this basis, they will find you the best of the best insurance carrier which will surely match your needs.

While there is a multitude of reasons for you to go for an insurance agency, these are the most common benefits almost every agency is going to provide you.