Sensex today: what is the curiosity about this daily grind

Sensex and nifty are the terms most of us have heard about. But ever wondered what really makes them so eye arresting? Why do people have their eyes glued to the sensex graph? What even is sensex? What is nifty 50? Where does the word sensex come from? Take a rest!

This gospel started in 1986 when India’s first equity index (Bombay Stock Exchange) was launched. The term “sensex” was coined by Deepak Mohani which is a combination of the words sensitive and index. Sensex is fundamentally a behaviour indicator of the Indian stock market. When sensex goes up high, investors realise it’s the right time to invest and when it goes down they know they want to hold back. Sensex is calculated on the behaviour of 30 specific companies listed under the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). These companies are revised from time to time.

Nifty, similar to sensex, started in 1992 is a combination of the National stock exchange (NSE) and fifty. Nifty more commonly known as nifty 50 is also an index that reflects the behaviour of the Indian stock market. It includes 50 stocks from varied sectors under the Indian economy. This index revolves around the practices of the pulled out 50 companies from the above-mentioned sectors. These companies are the important stimulating factor as they call for the ups and downs of the market.

What’s the difference between sensex and nifty?

Keeping in mind how these two market indices reflect the strength and weakness of the market, here are few differences between sensex and nifty:

Sensex is functioned by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), while Nifty is functioned by National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Nifty bears 50 chosen companies from 50 assorted stocks and sensex defines their number from 30 revised companies.

The base index value of sensex is 100 while that of nifty is 1000.

If you are a budding investor, learning about the market indices becomes not only crucial but also a daily ritual. With a deeper understanding you can predict the stock behaviours, eventually benefiting your investments. Though that might take some time. Meanwhile to keep you engaged and curious, marketfeed, a share trading app helps you understand your way around stocks, shares and market news. Get live market data and advice on the best trading opportunities. This app also helps you track every market and bring the live analysis of each. Chat patterns and graphical analysis keeps you super intrigued and curious about how your investments are flourishing.

Investing and market is something that didn’t simplify as it aged. It got more comprehensive and deep-rooted. Though it’s all intriguing as we go learning about it. Bear in mind that these indices are the behaviour of the market, the prices keep changing, so do the indices. Hence predicting the index number becomes a bit difficult. It’s an old habit of investors to talk about the phrase “sensex today”, sure you are likely to get to it too.