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Smart link-building strategies which foster authority, credibility and shareability

Link building is a tried and tested tactic used to increase traffic to websites. It also helps build your brand as an authority and worthy of citations. Links can either be in the form of backlinks or inbound links. According to Fernando Raymond, Backlinks (also known as incoming links)means that your content is so informative and trustworthy that other sites are quoting it and attributing it to you.Outbound links are the outgoing links or links that you link your site to.

Either way, link building can guarantee you a better SEO ranking and increased traffic.
Below, we have compiled a list of savvy link building strategies that will help foster authority, credibility, and shareability. These three are the ingredients that will make you a reliable brand and a market leader.
Over the years SeekaHost web services experts believe that some unscrupulous site owners have been using improper methods to build links, and as a result, Google has been forced to crack the whip on such sites.
If you value your business and are looking for long-term excellence, you are best advised to create and build links naturally. Buying them should only be the last option.

Have a look at these savvy link building tactics that never disappoint.

1. Developing good content; good, in-depth content is the backbone of link building. If you get it wrong here, then all other efforts you initiate may come to naught.With good content, you automatically find other sites linking their work to yours and using your site for their citations. Excellent content material doesn’t necessarily have to use big words or hype marketing language. Keep it simple, straight, and to the point; answering the five tenets of newsworthiness; who, what, where, when, how. The content should also be professionally researched and informative; be sure to get your facts right.
2. Guest post: Google allows you to promote your content on another site in the form of guest posting/blogging. You can also let a website have their visitors use your content if the material will be backlinked to you. Here, you must balance between allowing sites to use your content and limiting just who can do that; you don’t want to appear like you’re too desperate for backlinks. It must be a symbiotic relationship where every site is reaping something from the other out of the guest posting and blogging.
3. Use of social media; the ultimate essence of link building is to increase traffic to your site. Social media engagements enable you to achieve this without breaking so much sweat. Just post good content to your site, but instead of waiting for some other website to come and link to you, you post it on social media. Doing so enables you to reach a wider audience, you get to promote your content and traffic to your site starts flowing in. Some websites may even publish the content as theirs but attribute it to you via Hyperlinks.
4. Quality of page that is linking; the line between healthy link building and unhealthy link building isblurred. Some SEO practitioners will tell you that numbers matter, that the more backlinks you aregetting, the better it is for your site. However, web architect Kasun Sameera says there’s wisdom in quality over quantity. The page that is linking to you must be trusted, and reputable, otherwise questionable sites will get you in trouble.
5. Advanced link building practices: there are advanced link building tactics that may need you to hire the services of a professional digital marketer like Dinesh Kumar VM at ClickDo. One such example is the use of SEO link building Wire Frame. It entails the use of anchor text to improve page ranking. Proper usage of the anchor text enables you to target the more logical pages during a search.

In Summary.

Avoid white-hat SEO tactics that may get your site banned from the primary search results. These tactics include the use of questionable sites to create bulk backlinks.
ClickDo has a wealth of experience using tried and tested natural link building tactics. You can even expect more savvy and kickass link building strategies in 2019 since we are always embracing new tactics, new technologies.
ClickDo is your gateway to creating great content that will foster authority and credibility for your brand. It is only by having credible content that other sites are willing to share and promote your site.
We do this without infringing on any of Google’s guidelines. As such, you are assured of more traffic to your site and more respect for your brand.
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Written by ClickDo Experts