Steps To Find Out What is Date of Incorporation of a Company, and Other Incorporation FAQs

The date of incorporation of company is the exact date when the company was registered with the Indian government. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (or MCA) is the government agency in charge of registration and management of records of incorporation of all companies in India. So if you want to know what is the date of incorporation of a company in India, you have to go through the MCA system.

SPICE Records What is Date of Incorporation of a Company

SPICE stands for Specified Performa for Incorporating Company Electronically, otherwise known as INC-32. This replaces the INC-7 form which used to be the correct form for incorporation of a company, based on amendments to the law Companies Act 2013.

The Importance of Date of Incorporation of a Company

If you want to work with an India business service provider, you have to know the date of incorporation of your firm. Alternatively, sometimes, the government may require this information from you. For example, the date of incorporation in their records might not match the date in your documents. 

The accuracy of records is very important in business too, such as for taxation purposes. As your company grows, records should be accurate from page one onwards, to avoid developing problems later on. If you think that your company date of incorporation is erroneous, you have to approach the MCA to amend it.

If you intend to look for the date of incorporation for a different company, you will have to visit the MCA system and pay a specified fee. This fee is good for three hours of viewing the public documents of a registered company. There is a different procedure if you intend to request for hard copies of the public documents for a different company (that you are not part of). 

Although the incorporation documents of any company in the system are public documents, you still need to go through the process. This helps company owners and even foreign investors feel secure because the MCA is very strict about their procedures. 


Incorporating a company in India need not be a major headache. First, you just need to pay attention to details so that there are no errors, such as putting the wrong date of incorporation accidentally. Second, be sure you are ready to do business when you incorporate your company. That way you won’t be making mistakes such as disappointing your clients who believed you were ready to start a business by a certain date. 

Some mistakes are easy to avoid if you have the right people to guide you through the process. For example, you can contact 3E Accounting India if you have any questions regarding the incorporation of a company in India. They can also provide you with other business services such as accounting, auditing or taxation, among many other services, when you need them.

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