The benefits of installing CCTV in the workplace

Workplace place safety has become even more important to people in recent years, especially after the recent pandemic. Whilst focus has shifted to office cleanliness, office security is still essential for a safe and productive workplace. 

There are a number of measures that you can take to protect your workers and premises, including CCTV. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits you can expect after installing CCTV in your workplace. 

You can Outsource the Task

The great news is that when it comes to workplace security, including CCTV, you don’t have to oversee this yourself. If you’ve hired a facilities management company (if you haven’t, we strongly recommend you do), they can oversee the installation and operation of your CCTV system. 

This means that you can rest easy knowing your system is being set up and monitored by trained professionals. 

Improves Employee Safety

It is proven that CCTV will make your workplace safer for you, your employees, and your clients. It will reduce the chances of antisocial behaviour occurring both inside and outside of your workplace. We recommend that you use it to have visibility over all entrances, exits, parking structures, and areas that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

Crime Deterrence

Criminals are less likely to vandalise or break into an office that has CCTV in operation. This means you can leave work every day knowing that you’ve placed an extra layer of protection. 

Increased Productivity

When are people most productive? When their boss is watching. Having CCTV will ensure that people aren’t wasting company time and working effectively. It will also prevent antisocial or inappropriate behaviour amongst your staff. 

Should you operate with timesheets or need to monitor the location of your employees, CCTV can help provide the information that you need. If someone isn’t where they’re supposed to be, you’ll know. 

Save money on your Insurance Premiums

People often think that CCTV is just another expense that we need to cover. What if told you that it could in fact save you money? For starters, having CCTV could reduce the premiums that you pay to your provider. 

They can also help in the case of claims. For example, should an employee injure themselves and ask for worker’s compensation, CCTV footage may provide evidence to help you avoid making a large payout. 

Conversely, should your business fall victim to a crime, CCTV may provide the footage that you need to support your claim to help cover your losses. 

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to install CCTV in your workplace. There are so many benefits that you simply can’t afford not to!