The Best Usages of the Twoface Glasses for You

If you break your glasses, the easiest way is to buy new ones, especially if it is an inexpensive model bought from the market. But in some cases, you can replace the lens yourself or entrust the repair to specialists from an optical salon.

Where to replace glasses in glasses

If you bought glasses in a brand store of a well-known brand (Ray Ban, Polaroid, etc.) or ordered in an optician, your problem will be easily solved by specialists. In case the glasses have a complex frame, changing the lens can be more expensive than buying a new accessory. 

Inexpensive glasses bought from the market are rarely repairable. As a rule, such models are distinguished by a non-separable frame or a non-standard lens shape. In addition, lenses offered in optics are not cheap, even if the glasses are not polarized. In this case, it should be admitted that the glasses cannot be saved.

How to care for your glasses

Lenses made of plexiglass and other materials quickly become covered with a mesh of scratches. Because of this, not only the appearance of the glasses deteriorates, but also the visibility in them. In order not to have to change glasses, you need to take proper care of your accessory. 

To wipe the lenses from sebum, street dust and other traces, you need a special cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. You can buy them at an optician or a photography store. The tissue should be kept clean and stored in the case with the glasses. There are also disposable wet wipes on the market that are suitable for cleaning glass. They are easy to keep close at hand if you have a long trip ahead. The wipes are impregnated with an alcohol solution that removes dirt and leaves no streaks on the lenses.

From time to time glasses should be washed in warm water with a mild agent such as shampoo or shower gel. The lens and frame connections can be cleaned with cotton swabs. After washing, the glasses must be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth so as not to leave streaks. 

Success components

Oakley twoface lens workshops are equipped with the most modern equipment for making and fitting lenses into the spectacle frames you provide. Moreover, customers ask for replacement not only diopter, but also sun-protection lenses. High-precision equipment allows you to fit any lens to any frame, even the most fashionable. 

The quality and durability of your “new glasses” with updated lenses will largely depend on the professionalism and experience of masters, since no matter what ultramodern equipment is, without jewellery manual finishing of the frame (drilling holes “for screws”, sawing grooves “under the fishing line ”, Polishing the edge, fitting into the bezel) will fail. This is why good opticians have always been worth their weight in gold, and you must select these professionals.