The Future of the Bottled Water Industry

The popularity of bottled water is expected to balloon by 2025 to a $307.6 billion industry, according to Report Linker. That’s a lot of dough for something most people can get free from their kitchen sink.

So what is driving this growth?

Unfortunately, one of the drivers of bottled water growth is diminished or polluted aquifers across the planet. But if you put that aside, there are plenty of innovative ways that the water industry is marketing and producing new products for consumers.

Fruit flavors, artisan water, and new ways to package bottled waters are all on the table.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at the future of the bottled water industry.

More Fruit, Please

One of the hottest trends in bottled water is adding natural flavors to the product. The company Hint leads the way in this area. They offer unique flavors like Blood Orange, Pineapple, and Watermelon. Hint’s products are vegan and gluten-free with — as you’d hope — zero calories and diet sweeteners.

Another innovative idea comes from Frozen Garden. Instead of adding fruit flavor to the water at the plant, you do it at home. You drop one of these frozen water additives into your bottled water, and within a few shakes, you have a tasty fruit-infused drink with no added sugars.

Simple Sparkling

While many companies make sparkling water, one of the freshest trends is to use a fruit puree or real juices.  Free of added sugars or artificial ingredients, the brand Spindrift offers sparkling water in flavors like raspberry lime, cucumber, and mango.

An Artisan Water Industry?

Some of the most famous people in the world are backing “artisan” bottled water. From Will and Jada Smith to Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding, one of the hottest trends in bottled water is making small batches for big payoffs.

The Smith’s Just Water company was just valued at 100 million and features containers made of mainly renewable resources. The water comes in multiple flavors and is at the forefront of an eco-friendly surge in the bottled water business.

Meanwhile, the multi-platinum singer Katy Perry is focused on her Core Hydration artisan water. According to the company, the water supplies the perfect pH for human consumption.

Another popular artisan bottled water is Savu, a Fijian product that promotes itself as organic and originating from an aquifer that has never been polluted by man-made chemicals.

Is The Future Canned? 

However, the bottled water industry’s biggest trend is getting the water filling line away from the ubiquitous plastic bottle. Many companies — like the Smiths — are looking for alternatives. These bottles might be glass or a composite material.

One of the more interesting bottling techniques might take the form of an already popular production vehicle — the aluminum can.

One of these is Liquid Death. This artisan water is marketed to men and comes in a pounder with a melting skull logo. And while it may seem a little over the top, cans of water are practical.

In fact, Anheuser-Busch has sent thousands of cans of bottled water to disaster victims across the country. And cans are more than 6 times more recyclable than plastic bottles.

A New World

While there is no telling what the future will bring, the popularity of water bottles, seltzers, and even new alcoholic versions of popular water flavors mean that the bottled water industry is here to stay.

And it will find further success if it can find a way to curb the waste created by the industry’s many plastic bottles.

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