The Key Importance of a Trade Show for Your Business

Are you thinking about how to market your small business? In the midst of an economic downturn due to the pandemic, you know that marketing has never been more important and you need to get it right.

With limited funds, deciding where to spend your budget can be hard. Many people will no doubt tell you to spend all of your budget on online marketing or on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

But while some of your budget should go on this, you shouldn’t forget about attending a trade show.

The importance of a trade show has often been understated. Here’s everything you need to know about trade shows.

Never Underestimate Face-to-Face Marketing

Of course, online networking and marketing are great, but so is face-to-face marketing. It’s sometimes easy to forget this in the modern world when computers and high fast tech are quickly taking over our world.

However, meeting someone face-to-face can often allow you to build a better connection with a client or customer than an online interaction.

This way, the person looking either to buy your services or invest in your business can put a face with your brand that they can remember. You can size up each other’s personalities and have conversations that could lead to sales in the future.

Remember you might think it requires a lot more effort and money than an online campaign but do check if there is funding for small businesses to attend trade fairs before you write it off.

Making Those Connections

You only have a few minutes to make a connection with a customer and you don’t want to jeopardize that initial first impression.

Make sure anyone you send is fully briefed on what the trade shows are all about and what you are hoping to achieve there.

Give your employees as much trade show information as you can about the size of the venue and what their roles and duties should be for the day.

Size Up The Competition

Trade shows are not just great for getting customers to buy your services or products. Trade shows are also about sizing up the competition.

Everyone will have to bring a stand or a booth for the trade show. You should check out if you want a stand built for your own company.

These stands can reveal a lot about other companies.

Be sure to look at the services or products that they offer and how they compare to the products or services that you offer. Are they better value for money? Are you competing for the same market share or are you both targeting different customers?

This is some of the most understated trade show information you can gleam.

Status: Looking the Part

Having a stand at a trade show also boosts your reputation and gives you instant influence as a small business. Sometimes it’s important to be seen just as much as it is for the trade show to be of any meaningful importance.

You want other businesses to see you and to know that you are a legitimate player on the market.

You also want to get your name out there to your customers. You want them to be able to recognize your brand and what your offering in terms of service or product. Having that brand and name recognition has never been more important.

The internet and social media are a crowded field and this level of recognition can be hard to achieve as the competition is so high. At a trade show, you get the chance to make an impression face-to-face in terms of your brand.

Your banners are important here. You must make sure that they are big and colorful so it’s clear what your small business identity is.

Be sure to ask your employees who are attending the conference to keep lots of business cards handy to be able to give to people who drop by. And of course, some sweet treats never hurt either.

Networking With Other Businesses

Don’t forget that it’s not just the competition who are likely to be attending trade show. There are going to be other businesses there who might be able to help you expand your services.

A trade show is a great networking event and you should tell your employees to mingle with as many other people at different stands as they can when they have time.

Lunch break and coffee breaks are vitally important here. These short, informal meetings could open the door to new and exciting networking opportunities.

Attending a Trade Show: Just as Important as Online Marketing

If you are wondering whether to bother with a trade show, then the answer is it’s always worth attending.

While it’s easy to think that the world is all about digital right now, the digital world is a crowded space, and fighting to get your voice heard can be hard.

A trade show gives you the chance to meet other people from the industry and potential customers face-to-face. Never underestimate that personal touch.

It also gives you the perfect chance to size up the competition. You also get the chance to be seen at a trade show: Everyone will now know you are a worthy competitor who means business.

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