The Tax Accountant Jobs You Are Looking for

The number professions recruit tens of thousands of candidates each year! Far from clichés, the sector offers a range of diversified professions, open to young graduates. However, there are very many job candidates there. How then to stand out from the candidates and get the job of your dreams?

The number professions represent 250,000 cpa jobs and have a real need for recruitment: in the next 10 years, the profession has identified a need for 10,000 new auditors and nearly 10,000 accountants. Of course, the number trades are not experiencing the crisis. Companies will always need accounting and financial support functions. Another reason: retirements which will be more and more numerous in the years to come? They must then anticipate these departures!

Young graduates in high demand

Young profiles are particularly sought after. Each year, more than half of French firms recruit for job creation, mainly junior profiles (up to 2 years of experience). This represents several tens of thousands of recruitments per year. For example, In Extenso, the Deloitte subsidiary specializing in accountancy and consulting, is looking for new talents in the fields of accountancy, payroll, audit and social consulting. Companies in the sector are also looking for IT specialists, salespeople , engineers , web or marketing specialists .

To attract the best talents, companies in the sector do not hesitate to offer attractive salaries. A novice accountant earns an average of 26,000 euros gross per year (excluding bonuses) and a novice auditor earns 35,000 euros on average. Accounting firms are also keen to modernize their image by increasing their digital visibility and their communication on social networks. For remote cpa jobs this is important.

Favor spontaneous applications to be recruited

But how do you find your first job in the field when you’re a young graduate? Note that the best ways to apply are to send spontaneous applications and make contact with recruitment firms. Indeed, the recruitment of these specialized profiles is often entrusted to recruitment professionals. Of course, you can surf on general or specialized job boards in the field.

Each year, the firms of accountants and auditors offer numerous internships at different hierarchical levels. The opportunity to develop your employability and get noticed by recruiters.

Choose these professional experiences wisely; internships, just like work study programs , represent real springboards towards employment. Nearly 3,000 work-study contracts are thus offered in the profession and 80% of them lead to employment. So show yourself in your best light throughout your mission to clear your way to a lasting contract.