The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Stressed out from running payroll on your own? The good news is you don’t have to!

If you need any more reason to start outsourcing payroll instead of running it internally, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our five reasons why you should have your payroll outsourced today.

  • One Less Thing To Worry About

Work is stressful enough as it is with meetings, generating reports,  and meeting deadlines. If you currently run your company’s payroll, you know what a toll it can take to complete.

When outsourcing payroll, all the calculations, payouts, and processing are done by a third-party leaving you more time to focus on the bigger tasks instead of being bogged down each payroll run. Save yourself the headache and worry and avoid the added stress.

  • Outsourcing Payroll Means Fewer Mistakes

Having someone else managing your payroll means avoiding costly mistakes like over and underpayment, and missing proper deductions and unpaid tax payments which will rack up plenty of penalties.

Outsources payroll also has the benefit of having someone who’s solely responsible for looking after your payroll and nothing else. This focus means fewer entry mistakes and any of those pesky missed deadlines.

  • Having Remittances & Payroll Taxes Taken Care Of

The beauty of outsourcing payroll is that all the remittances, withholdings, and taxes that are supposed to be calculated and taken off from pay is automatically one for you.

Gone are the days of manually calculating everyone’s pays, proper tax deductions, and on top of that collecting their info for writing cheques and processing deposits. The company you choose does all those things for you automatically. Some services will even go as far as paying the remittances and taxes on your behalf from your account.

  • Having A Highly Qualifies Payroll Team

Payroll management services like those at, provide you with highly qualified payroll experts. They have the ability to answer questions for you and your employees when it comes to deductions and payroll taxes. This means less guesswork and research on your end, and questions expertly answered by your dedicated team.

Once again, outsourcing payroll saves you tons of time!

  • Easy Access For You & Your Employees

Most payroll management services include an HRIS database to use by you and your employees to store their employment information.

The outsourced payroll management company will keep your employee’s personal information, employment information, and banking information all in one place. These systems will also usually allow employee access to update their information as needed, and even request paystubs as needed.

Are You Still Running Your Own Payroll?

If saving time and money still haven’t convinced you to start outsourcing payroll today, then knowing that almost every big company uses an outsourced payroll management system should help win you over. Running your own payroll is so last year. Will you be joining all the successful companies in this century?

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