This Is How You Can Stay Organized at Work

Around 35% of American workers feel engaged in their work and workplace.

Organization is the key to engagement and when you prioritize this, it’ll boost your mood and productivity. Perhaps you’re struggling to get organized at work and are looking for tips.

Sound like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get organized at work today.

Create a Routine

Good habits grow out of a solid routine so create an organizational system when you begin a new role. But before this, you should have a good morning routine to get you energized and prepared for the day.

Rise early so you can exercise, meditate (optional), enjoy a nutritious breakfast, and have a stress-free commute to work. Once you’re there, ask co-workers how they stay organized and if they use apps like Evernote to help them monitor tasks and track information.

If you use a specific software at work then familiarize yourself with its organizational properties so you can streamline the process.

Have a to-Do List

Before you start work, write a list as it’ll make your workload appear less daunting and help you focus on the tasks. Plus, to-do lists ease any anxieties you have about missing an important deadline or meeting.

You can either add your objectives to a digital calendar or use these post it notes keeping them at eye-level so you stay organized throughout the day. Depending on what works best for you, you can either plan out your entire week or daily.

Time Block Your Tasks

Time blocking is when you go through your to-do list and decide how long to spend on each task. This is an effective method because you’re creating deadlines for yourself so you stay focused and motivated.

Note that time blocking takes planning so organize your day the previous night either using an app or drawing up a plan.

Avoid Multitasking

One of the most underrated tips for staying organized is to avoid multitasking. Switching between two assignments slows your brain, judgment, and takes twice as long to finish one task. Plus, you’ll feel more stressed juggling multiple things at once which can make it harder for you to concentrate and make decisions.

Organize Your Desk

Not sure how to stay organized?

Start with your workspace and decide whether you have an organized office because it’ll determine how well you work. Throw away litter and remove non-essentials like old scraps of paper so you can be more productive.

You should also make sure you have everything you need within reach like a pen, notepad, and important documents.

Stacks of paperwork not only overwhelm your desk but also limit your space so create a filing system. To do this, create different colored files for each project and when a stray paper appears either file it or throw it in the trash.

Take Regular Breaks

One of the most important organization tips is to regularly take breaks. A study found that your break should be 12% of the workday and that several short ones are better than one or two long breaks. For instance, if you work for eight hours then have five 12 minute breaks.

Or you could follow the Pomodoro technique. This is where you set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on a single task until the alarm rings and you take a five-minute breather.

To make the most out of your break, eat a healthy snack like mixed nuts, stretch or go for a walk, and enjoy a cup of coffee as it makes you more alert and productive.

Prioritize Sleep

You can only be organized when you get enough sleep every night. Make sure you get at least seven hours of shut-eye and if you’re a fan of naps, treat yourself to a 20 minute one in the afternoon so you’re re-energized after work.

Struggle to fall asleep? Then turn off electronic devices an hour before bed, take a relaxing bath, or meditate to ease you into sleep.

Schedule Time to Read Emails

Employees are constantly bombarded with emails and it’s tempting to read each one as they come through but this is counter-productive. To streamline the process, schedule 45 minutes each day to catch up on emails and see which messages are urgent so you can reply to them.

For emails you can’t instantly respond to, give yourself a deadline to get back to them. For instance, make sure you answer these within 48 hours of receiving them.

And if you can, avoid emailing and converse instead. Pick up the phone, send an instant message, or visit your coworker’s desk so there’s no chance of misunderstanding. Plus, it’ll stop both of you from wasting time reading endless email threads.

Turn off Phone Notifications

The average American smartphone user receives around 46 app push notifications every day.

To help you stay organized, turn off phone notifications so you’re not tempted to check your social media or play a game. If you’re still tempted, keep your phone away from your desk and only use it during breaks.

That’s How to Stay Organized at Work

Now you know how to stay organized at work.

Make sure you have a to-do list, time block every task, and avoid multi-tasking because it’s less productive. Find ways to reduce distractions like turning off phone notifications and scheduling a specific time to catch up on emails. Good luck!

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