What Are Weighbridges and What Are They Used For?


Weighbridges, otherwise known as truck scales, are a type of scale used to weigh heavy industrial vehicles and determine how much cargo they are bringing to and from delivery points.

Weighbridges come in many forms, but the most common are ones build into concrete. These weighing stations help both the driver and the company carry safe weights on public roads and pay the correct shipping fees.

Why Use Weighbridges?

Weighbridges are an easy way to keep track of how much product is going or coming from particular shipment points. Utilizing this system means you’ll have quick invoices based on the weight and products contained in your trucks.

These weighing systems are perfect for companies that ground ship iron and steel, mining equipment, stone, logs, electrical equipment, or other shipments that are typically classified as oversized loads. Laws and regulations are in place to monitor which products and how much of them can be on public roads in given states. It’s important to have a weight recorded so that you change your shipping logistics if needed.

Weighbridges are frequently used to determine how much money a company pays in fees to cross bridges. It’s good to know which weight correlates with each price, and how much you’ll need to pay if the truck is oversized.

What Are the Different Types?

Many shipments are valued by their weight, not the number of individual items. Thus, it’s very crucial to have an accurate measurement of outward and inbound goods. Explore types of weighbridges to determine which match your needs.

  1. Above Ground Weighbridges

These are the most cost-effective type of weighing system. All the components sit on top of the ground, so there’s no need for excavation or precise construction. These are made of strong steel frames that can handle the weight and pressure of heavy machinery.

The one caveat to look out for in these is the need for ramps. The trucks need some way to get up to the weighing platform, and so these units take up more space than their counterparts. This requires some precision and direction from workers.

  1. In-Ground and Pit Weighbridges

These and their variants are all built flush with the ground or just below ground level. In-ground and pit weighbridges are fantastic for companies with limited space and a good excavation budget. In-ground and pit weighbridges are small and compact. All drivers need to do is line their truck up over the system.

The most important factor to read up on is the type of bedrock your facility is resting on. From there you’ll determine the best method of building a pit for your operations, whether it be blasting or digging.

  1. Portable Weighbridges

These are an excellent option if your business is in an environment where it’s more practical to bring the weighing device to the fleet of trucks. These can be operated on the job site and time that trucks waste driving to a weighing center. These are excellent for logging and mining.

However, if you’re purchasing one of these for personal use, it’s to your advantage to read up on the manufacturer. The quality of the supplier will determine how long your portable truck scale will last and how close it follows government regulation.

Get on the Road

Now that you know more about how weighbridges work and the different categories they fall into, you can make an informed selection on which is right for your truck fleet.

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