What Do Employees Value at Work?

Employee satisfaction is the primary factor in the formula for cutting down staff turnover. For most employers, the common argument is that offering a higher pay would help to create happy workers. Well, we must say that this is only half true, because even with a better salary, the chances of a talented staff leaving your company for a competitor would still be there. So, let us face it; “What exactly do employees value at work?” 

Career Growth Opportunities

When an employee secures a job at your facility, he/she looks forward to growing and advancing over time. If your company makes the path for career growth clear, the employee will stay focused, believing it is possible to become a supervisor, manager, or the CEO. Employees value career growth because they know it will define their success, both in the company and outside.

To make career growth clear for your staff, make sure to provide a clear job description for every job. For example, you may require employees entering your company to have a bachelor’s degree and those at the managerial level, such as HR and CEO, to have a master’s degree plus ample experience. This implies that if an employee has achieved the right qualifications, he/she will have an opportunity to ascend up the career ladder.

Pay and benefits

Every employee values the salary and the benefits he/she gets so much. As a manager or leader, you need to ensure that your employees get competitive remuneration based on their work, the recommended wage rates, and international standard. To determine the right pay for your employee, think of all that an employee would need to do, from meeting transport costs to paying for his/her mortgage. You might also want to check what competitors are paying their staff. 

Job fit

Most employees will feel comfortable if they have the right job fit. Take the example of a mining company that deals with different metals and non-metallic products. In such a facility, employees who are trained in mining would find the job a perfect fit. So, whether an employee is trained in human resources, finance, or engineering, getting a matching job can help to promote better attachment and satisfaction. 

When you set up a manufacturing facility, as demonstrated here, it is prudent to ensure you get the right staff to work in all departments. Also, ensure to understand what they value most in order to keep them engaged, innovative, and reduce the rates of staff turnover.