What Is Margin In Forex And Market Strategies?

Margin in foreign exchange trading is the amount that you have to deposit to open and maintain a trading position. When you are trading on margin, you will get a lot of exposure that helps to get and earn you more profits. The amount of margin that is required varies on the trading amount and it is given as a percentage.


There are two types of margin that you need to consider while you are trading.

  • The initial margin is the deposit that is required in order to open the position. It is also known as the deposit margin.
  • The maintenance margin is the amount of money that needs to be available in your account. It is the present value of the trading position in the market and that also covers the running losses if necessary.


There are margin calculators available which can help you to understand and calculator on margin for foreign exchange trading. You do not have to depend on the broker and can easily calculate by multiplying it with the percentage. The percentage of the margin values from each broker to broker. You need to have an excellent understanding to calculate the foreign exchange margin. You also have to familiarize yourself with certain terminologies and understand how important it is to maintain a good foreign exchange margin to increase your profits and minimize your losses.

Pros of what is Margin in Forex

There are certain advantages of margin trading that you can utilize. With the help of the margin, you can magnify your profits and gains from your own trading position. It gives you complete exposure to the trade. When you are buying on Margin it gives you the potential to spread your capital and you can also check out the wide array of markets. If you can utilize and understand what is Margin in Forex?, you will enjoy maintaining a good margin for your own benefit.


Even if the margin trading can magnify and increase your profits, it can also amplify the losses if the market trend moves against you. The loss is always calculated from the full value position and it is not only on your deposit money. It is always possible for you to make more losses than their initial deposit on the trade. Although you can mitigate the negative sides of losing money by implementing a risk management strategy.

Things to consider

When you are trading on margin you need to put down deposit money for opening the trading position. The amount of margin depends on the amount that you are trading. It also includes the total capital available in a trading account. Since the margin increases your exposure it also gives you more buying power. It helps you to increase both the profits and losses.


When the margin deposit falls below the minimum requirement, you need to find your account immediately according to the broker’s notification. In case you fail to do so, you will be responsible for closing positions. It is very important to understand what is Margin in Forex margin requirements before entering a trade.